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We're going onto Zoom

Arbutus Music welcomes you to an hour of joyful singing in the comfort of your own home with


Summer Shorts 2

Thursday 6 August,
3pm  - 4pm

7pm - 8pm



Summer Shorts 3

Thursday 13 August,
3pm  - 4pm

7pm - 8pm 

Each session is on Zoom with a range of songs that we hope you really enjoy and will be able to pick up quickly. There will be plenty of opportunities for harmonising for those who wish!

Whilst the sessions on the same day will be identical the two separate days will be completely different. Why not sign up for both days!

Feedback from Summer Shorts 1:

Thank you for the 'sing-a-long' yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed it - music and singing is so uplifting - just what we needed. I hope I wasn't too OTT with the props, which I just happened to have nearby!

Summer Holiday outfit ...
We loved it!

Feed back from Tea and a Taster Zoom session

You'll see that we have already given this a practice run with some of our regulars. Here's what they had to say

Thank you both so much (and Peter too of course!) for a lovely uplifting session of singing together this afternoon. It really lifted my spirits and gave a much-needed taste of summer, even though most of us will barely be venturing further than our front doors!!
Great fun!

Thank you so much for today - I really enjoyed it. As a first joint attempt it went very well - you are both so clever! 

I was glad to put a frock on for the occasion! Look forward to the next one...….

Still not as good as singing with others in person of course but I think it will be a long time before we can do that.  Meanwhile it is a great fun substitute.

I also prefer smaller groups rather than the larger virtual choirs that some people run. The song was gently challenging without being too taxing, very enjoyable.

I find that up to an hour is just enough, any longer and I begin to suffer from “Zoom fatigue” 

Thank you both (all 3!) so very much. Really really enjoyed it.
Other than taking the day off for the annual G&S I am often tempted to sign up to your others but unfortunately both the distance & time seem prohibitive.
Clearly the former is not an issue this way.


Music sample from Tea and a Taster.

This is our sample track similar to the ones we will make for the session

Sadly we're not at Copped Hall this year with Orpheus in the Underworld and we all missed out on Sing Latin America, Sing the Show ~ Carousel and Sing Early Music, we really hope to bring those events back to you as soon as possible

Arbutus Music Copped Hall venue

At Arbutus Music events we aim to help everyone to enjoy their voice, even if it's not had an outing for years! With lots of different styles of music to choose from, we create delights and surprises for even the most seasoned singers

singing workshops


All the following workshops are postponed until further notice
Sing Latin America
Sing the Show ~ Carousel
Sing Early Music
Sing the Show ~ Orpheus in the Underworld


Diary for 2019-20

See details of the workshops we have planned for 2019-20


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