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Oh What a Lovely War
February 2014

Wonderful again. Great venue and very atmospheric, moving to tears at the end. Well organised – nice lunch. Thank you, thank you!

Extremely well organised and thought through; yet with a relaxed and casual atmosphere – quite a feat to achieve that balance.

I enjoyed the singing and was surprised at how much emotion was stirred by the songs of the war and the reminders of the nuclear threat and the fear of the four-minute warning. I wouldn't have been able to reach my children's school. The setting was therefore rather chilling

I have enjoyed my day with you both thank you. I am amazed how many of these songs bring back memories from emotions felt  50 or 60 years ago. Many brought tears to my eyes Roses of Picardy, Keep the home fires burning, Pack up your troubles, Farewell Leicester Square.

Great venue, well organised. Singing around the building very atmospheric.

I heard about the day and Arbutus Music from Capella singers and later A notice was put up at Brentwood Choral society. I went to see the show at Stratford East on Tuesday and thought it would be great fun to sing the songs soon afterwards – and it has been. Also I have not been to the nuclear bunker before so that has been very educational too!

Enjoyable day very relaxing and interesting. Exceeded my expectations as this was my first time. Well organised, interesting venue and a delicious lunch. Thank you.

Excellent day – enjoyed the unusual venue and the singing. It was good to sing songs that you have heard but not sung before.

Great hats! Lovely to have a different novel day. Very inventive. Good lunch, intend to do the tour before we leave. Thank you!

Loved the songs and the venue was a good choice for such a subject – very atmospheric. Food good.

Very enjoyable overall. An interesting venue.

Moving around the complex made a great atmosphere. All the hard walls and floors made a really good sound.

Very interesting venue – really fitted well with the songs and ethos of the show. Superb lunch.

Inspired location and nicely timed. Enjoyed it very much.

Good day. Enjoyed the singing – venue interesting! Good food. Nice to have a lunch provided so I didn't have to make my own early this morning!

This was an inspired venue and event in which I had great fun singing wartime songs. So nice to have singing workshop broken up by touring the bunker with its varying acoustics. Great.

I enjoyed the songs and I appreciated the fact that you put them in a sympathetic context. It was a treat for me not to have to lead to the choir. I didn't like the venue – it gave me the creeps and brought back too many feelings of the inadequacy of the common wo/man in the 50s and 60s. I thought the buffet was excellent – very well done. All in all – a good day. Thank you

Thanks for a super day; I enjoyed it immensely. Interesting venue, and very appropriate for the material, but I wouldn't want to sing more complicated music there.

Lovely day ladies. Thank you. You managed the balance of sentiment and sauciness beautifully – not easy. Very good discipline singing without the dots, always my favourite challenge! Thank you for a relaxing day.

Great music, great fun, thanks.

Another great day – thank you both. Loved the music/history and venue. Food fab too. Jacky

Lovely informal day – no pressure for perfect singing! Interesting venue – good acoustics in the low ceilinged room. Well run. Excellent food.

Venue: evocative and tremendously atmospheric
organisation: brilliant and efficient.
Singing: just what I needed – repertoire just right especially as prep for a production
company: great
leadership: instructive and insightful – moving and I loved the little additions about the content, both of WW1 and the bunker

I found out about the day from the workshop at the Rose and Crown E 17 as on that occurrence I found the workshop enjoyable and well organised etc Thank you still feeling a bit churned up and unworldly

Are very imaginative way of presenting oh what a lovely War!! Great fun!! Thank you pierrots.

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